Dental Care

dogs teeth

Dental health is an issue that pet owners often overlook. Like people, pets need to have their teeth cleaned regularly to keep their mouths healthy and prevent dental disease. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth as well as regular dental cleanings at our hospital. We are able to provide a full dental cleaning for your pet. This involves placing your pet under general anesthesia so we can thoroughly examine and clean your pet’s teeth. We will scale and polish their teeth and check for any pocketing around the teeth or abnormal growths in the mouth. If there are any broken, loose, or abscessed teeth, we may recommend a tooth extraction. This means we surgically remove the tooth and all of its roots. This removes any source of infection or discomfort for your pet. Bad breath, red or bleeding gums, excessive or abnormal drooling, pain when eating, broken teeth, or brownish/yellowish buildup on the teeth are all signs of dental disease. If you notice any of these signs, please schedule an appointment for a dental examination.