Heartworm Testing & Treatment

Unfortunately, Louisiana has a high rate of heartworm disease and infection. All it takes is one bite from a heartworm-infected mosquito to transfer this potentially deadly disease to your pet. The key to stopping this is heartworm prevention. Luckily, prevention is easy administer and affordable.

heartoem lifecycle

All dogs and cats should be given heartworm prevention year-round. Monthly chewables or tablets, monthly topicals, and 6-month or 12-month injectables are all possible preventatives that can be provided by our hospital. Talk to your veterinarian to see which option is best for you and your pet.

An annual blood test is necessary even when giving your pet consistent prevention. Luckily, this blood test is quick and only requires one drop of blood. Also, it is included in your dog’s yearly visit with vaccines. Heartworms can damage the heart and other organs, and too many pets die from complications. Making sure your pet is free of heartworm infection yearly can save its life.