Preventative Care

Good health starts with preventative care. Animals are exceptionally good at hiding their illnesses. That is why it is up to us to stay on top of their health, to catch any issues before they become severe. We will work with you to create an ideal preventative care schedule that is appropriate for your pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk factors.

Wellness Exams
We recommend annual wellness exams for all pets and biannual exams for senior pets. During these wellness visits, our veterinarian will examine your pet from nose to tail – checking their teeth, eyes, and ears; listening to their heart and lungs; feeling for any abnormalities in their abdomen or lymph nodes.

They will chat with you about their habits, nutrition, and behavior and answer whatever questions you may have. They may also recommend blood work to check for any changes in organ function or blood cell quality and will make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

Regular vaccinations are one of the cornerstones of good preventive health care for dogs and cats. When administered by your veterinarian, vaccines provide cost-effective protection against infectious and contagious diseases for both pets and people.

Our team can help offer you some of the best advice regarding your pet’s vaccination plan, which can help lead to many happy years of health and wellness. Our doctors can help to tailor a vaccination protocol for your pet based on his or her individual risk factors.

Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Checking your pet for intestinal parasites is another part of preventative care. We recommend annual screenings of your pet’s feces. These screenings allow us to catch any parasitic eggs, which point to an infection in your pet. Parasitic infections can cause diarrhea and vomiting and can be transmissible to humans. Schedule an appointment with us to have your pet checked for parasites!